Best lures in july 2012 Monday, August 27, 2012

Rapala, Manns and Salmo lead our montly top-5 list with best catching lures for pike, zander, asp and bass fishing

Below is the top-5 best lures in july 2012, based on catch records from over 20.000 Dutch anglers. We've generated a specific top-5 best lures list for pike, zander, asp and bass fishing. To find the best lures for your fishing adventure of tomorrow, please check out our great lure finder for pike, zander, bass and asp fishing!


Zander and asp

Jointed baits performed well on a broad range of species. For instance the Rapala Jointed and Salmo Whitefish caught lots of big pike, zander and asp.

Many asp trolling with large crankbaits and jerkbaits. Averge size of Dutch asp is still increasing over the past years.

Some of the top catches