A unique search engine that you've never seen before

Lurebase.com is much more then just a database. It uses a unique search engine for comparing and sorting lures.

Thanks to a very succesful and popular online angler diary in The Netherlands, "SVR", Lurebase.com has the ability to compare and analyze lures using the single most important question about a lure:

"Allright. But does it catch fish?"

It answers this question by comparing the catch records with lures that thousands of anglers have reported using an online angler diary. It mixes session and catch data with variables like watertype, season, depth, species, and many more. This adds up to a list of 'most succesful' lures under specific circumstances. You have probably already used it on our Best lures page.

The crucial scoring elements of this search algorithm include:

  1. Fishermen: the number of individual fishermen that have caught fish with this lure.
  2. Catches: the average number of catches per fisherman, hour, and session.
  3. Size: the average size caught by this lure, compared to average size of all catches of the selected species.